Presenting the winning motivational message: The end of glass age

1. June 2016


Presenting the winning motivational message: The end of glass age


The winner of the competition for the best motivational message on the subject of gender equality in economy is Kornelija Kamenik, a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is majoring in Communication Studies: Marketing Communications and Public Relations. The jury was impressed with her proposal "The end of glass ceiling".



Her message is based on the idea of our ancestors who had to pass through different periods in the evolution (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and others) and have always managed to make improvements and create better living conditions for the humanity. Today, we are facing with one of the periods called  "Glass Age" and it is time to end it in a way to provide better conditions for women in business life.




As a solution Kornelija has proposed one-day conference on "gender-equality in the economy". The event would be dedicated to raising awareness about the unequal opportunities in our economy. The participants will have a chance to listen to the stories of women in the Slovenian economy, who have successfully "break through the glass ceiling."


Her message has been considered as easily recognizable, clear, very original and with a lot of value to raise awareness of the problem of unequal opportunities for men and women in the economy.


Kornelija, congratulations again :)